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Larissa de Macedo Machado, known as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. She signed a record deal with Furacão 2000 in 2010

Why Brazilian singer Anitta is so successful

For the first time ever, a song by a Brazilian artist lands at No. 1 on the worldwide charts. However, Anitta has been a big star for a long time.

“Envolver” by Anitta lands at No. 1 on the worldwide charts on Friday.

A TikTok Challenge is making the song popular worldwide.


Anitta has long been a legend in Brazil, but for some time now the singer has also been working on an international career.

Brazil – The Brazilian singer’s song “Envolver” reached No. 1 on the global charts on Spotify at the end of March, making it the most listened-to piece of music worldwide. In the days leading up to it, thousands of Brazilians had been eagerly anticipating the event on social media. Many had also been listening to the song on a continuous loop to ensure it climbed as high as possible in the charts. It was the first time ever that a song by a Brazilian male or female artist managed to do that. Anitta is also the first Latin American artist to achieve this placement.

The song “Envolver” was released in November 2021 and is part of Anitta’s fifth studio album “Girl From Rio,” which is scheduled for release this year. For the global success with “Envolver”, the singer is now celebrated by Brazilian fans. The singer herself says she is “speechless” and thanks them for their support.

TikTok Challenge: Song by Brazilian singer Anitta goes viral and becomes a hit

The song went really viral since the beginning of March, after it became a hit on the platform TikTok with the challenge “El paso de Anitta (Anitta’s step). Around the globe, people danced to the chorus, in which the singer sensually drops to the floor while continuing to move her hips and butt to the rhythm of the music. The song has since been played more than six million times.

In terms of content, the song “Envolver” is about female desire. Musically, the song mixes pop with Latin American regaettone. While the singer Anitta has long since risen to become Brazil’s sex icon and repeatedly draws attention to herself with skimpy and sexy outfits, she often addresses self-determination and female power in her songs. In interviews, she repeatedly emphasizes that the appearance of women says nothing about their intelligence and ability.

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