Bella Thorne: who are the actress’ sisters, Dani and Kaili?


The renowned actress is the youngest of four siblings. Among them are Dani, 28, and Kaili, 29.

Bella Thorne’s sisters have rarely been talked about. Since her appearance in Disney, the actress made headlines for her performance in countless productions. But, undoubtedly, the performer returned to people’s interest when she joined OnlyFans, in 2020, being the first person to earn 1 million dollars in the first 24 hours. Now, after some images on social networks, the celebrity made the cybernauts also pay attention to her two sisters, Dani and Kaili, who we will tell you a little more about below.

The photograph that aroused the interest of users was shared on Dani’s Instagram. It was taken in Costa Rica and quickly exploded in likes and comments praising the figure of the girls. This shows the good moment Bella is living at the family level, as she not only poses happily with her sisters, but also shares images on her profile with her fianc√©, Benjamin Mascolo.

Danger, Bella Kaili, Dani

The family reunion came about thanks to the marriage of Tamara Thorne, mother of the actress. The former Disney star did not want to miss the moment and left an emotional message: “My mom married a wonderful man, congratulations to the two crazy and sick in love teenagers”.

Dani is the closest to Bella, as far as the Thorne sisters are concerned. She is an animal lover and is always concerned about how her hair is doing; which she shows off in a variety of ways, as you can see on her networks. One of the passions she shares with Bella is her love for acting, a world she began to explore at an early age. But, if we try to look for a differential between the two, we will say that Dani is more inclined to music.

Dani herself confirmed that she is very similar to Bella, of whom she is very grateful and proud. “Not only have we been through everything together, but now we’re taking on something that, if you’re alone in this industry, it could really affect you.” Dani went on to tell ‘PAPER’, “It’s amazing that we can do that for each other.”

For her part, Kaili Thorne also has the talent of the previous two, as she started acting in 2006, a year in which she had fleeting appearances in TV shows and movies. Among her most outstanding works we find “Children of the Machine” and “Chilledrama”, according to IMDb information. Now, she is dedicated to modeling. Like her sister, she has had an OnlyFans account since May 2021, where she posts content almost daily.


Bella Thorne once told via Twitter that she has gone through a difficult time and had to make a delicate decision to put an end to the blackmail of which she had been a victim. The American actress said that a hacker had accessed some intimate pictures of her and was threatening to make them viral, but the former Disney girl decided to take the bull by the horns.

At that time, the artist shared on her social network some screenshots of the conversation she had with this guy. In the messages you can see that the man told her that he had naked pictures of her and that he would make them public.

Bella Thorne did not allow this guy to continue to take control of the situation, so for this reason, she decided to publish the images of her breasts and said that for many hours she had allowed this guy to have control over her, but now she was responsible for everything.

The actress decided to put an end to the threat of this person, so she took courage and shared her intimate photos on social networks. “For the past 24 hours I have been threatened with my own nudes,” the actress wrote in 2019 in a message on Twitter. There she attached the screenshots of the conversations with the hacker and with them, the banned photos.

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