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Belle Delphine is the “porn queen of geeks”. Belle Delphine videos and plums

Cosplay model Mary-Belle Kirchner, better known as Belle Delphine, has become an internet celebrity by exploiting her cute looks. Belle Delphine’s leaks on OnlyFans have consistently caused a stir on social media and Telegram, despite the fact that she carefully covers up her nudity in hot photos and videos.

British Mary-Belle Kirchner, better known by her pseudonym Belle Delphine, became famous for the hot photos and videos she posted on Instagram* and YouTube.

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How old is Belle Delphine? Model biography Mary-Belle Kirchner was born on October 23, 1999 in South Africa in a family of deeply religious Christians. Thus, she is 21 years old now. Mary-Belle spent her childhood in Cape Town, but after her parents’ divorce the girl and her mother moved to the UK and settled in Leamington. Since the age of 14, Mary-Belle worked as a waitress, barista and nanny. In 2015, she became active on Instagram* and a year later launched a YouTube channel, where she began her path to fame as Belle Delphine. She attracted the attention of the Internet audience by posting photos of cosplay, that is, images of anime, comic, movie or video game characters, such as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad or D.Va from Overwatch. Belle’s photos and videos clearly had erotic connotations, but did not formally violate the rules of the Internet platforms on which they were posted.

Onlyf4ans car
Only F4ans Car

Delphine actively used images of a sexy schoolgirl with sleeves and a short skirt or a “girl next door” for her advertisements, as a result of which her fans on the Internet were accused of being pedophiles. Belle was also credited with getting the Internet involved in the “ahegao” fad – pictures of girls rolling their eyes and sticking out their tongues to imitate anime characters.

Belle Delphine on Pornhub In June 2019, Belle tweeted a promise to her fans that she would post videos on Pornhub, the world’s largest aggregator of adult videos, for 1 million “likes.” The model’s post received 1.8 million likes in no time, but those who expected porn from Belle Delphine were disappointed: she posted videos with ambiguous titles, but not erotic content. For example, the video titled “Watch me play with my pussy” shows her playing with a teddy bear.


At the end of 2019, Belle was among the top ten celebrities most searched for online porn. Demand turned into supply: enthusiasts began using DeepFake, a technology that allows you to replace people’s faces in videos, to create fake sex videos of Belle Delphine.

Gamer Girl Bathwater

On July 1, 2019, Belle Delphine opened her own online store selling glasses of water she bathed in under the brand name GamerGirl Bath Water (GamerGirl Bath Water). The price for a single glass was $30 (about 2,000 rubles), but despite the high price, the first batch sold out in just three days. Buoyed by her success, she sold a container of water from her own bathroom for $10,000 (about 730,000 rubles).

The Western press viewed the sale of Belle Delphine’s bath water as a performance rather than an attempt to cash in on fans, and Business Insider even referred to her as the new Andy Warhol. At the same time, some Internet users took the idea of selling water negatively. The players accused model Belle of creating a false stereotype about them. A rumor circulated on Twitter that Belle Delphine’s water causes herpes. Eventually, users on Reddit and 4chan claimed they had bought a bottle of Belle Delphine and had it tested in a lab that found no skin microparticles in the water, accusing the model of selling water straight from the tap and not from her own bathroom.

Belle Delphine drains with OnlyFans

On July 19, 2019, Belle Delphine’s Instagram account, where she had 4.5 million followers, was suspended for “systematic violations of the platform’s rules.” However, according to media reports, the suspension was due to coordinated complaints from fans of the model. Belle remained in contact with her fans via Twitter and Patreon until late summer, after which she gradually disappeared from the media.

The model became active again in June 2020, posting a video on YouTube in which the self-proclaimed “nerd porn queen” announced her triumphant return.




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