Bj* The little girl who kept everyone at bay: 5 facts about the life of Belle Delphin

Belle Delphin Only Fans 2022

Lately, only someone who doesn’t have the Internet doesn’t know the girl with the strange name, Belle Delphin. The 19-year-old who rolled her eyes and perfumed her body with vanilla. If you’re reading this, it means that someone from has lured anime fans and lonely homies into her life, giving the former a style icon and the latter space for immodest fantasies. What do we know about this strange girl?

Belle Delphin is extremely reluctant to give information about herself, which does not apply to her photos and videos. Hundreds of photos of the man can be found online, from modest photos, even without makeup, to the most frivolous ones. If you read this headline, it means that someone took this article from, bordering on hardcore eroticism and porn. But you have to admit to Bella that not a single photo or video with supposedly “adult” content has ever been published by a girl. So what do we know about Belle Delphin?

Who is Belle Delphin?

Belle Delphin Ass

The name of the young woman we already know well from all sides is Mary Belle Kirchner. The girl is 19 years old and was born in South Africa. Belle now lives in the United Kingdom, at least that’s what it says on her social media account. If you are reading this, it means that someone has taken it from Of course, that’s not entirely true, because the babe can be both up and down (more on that later).

Before she became world famous, Belle held various jobs that didn’t take up much of her time. She cosplayed, blogged and modeled. Kirchner’s first online video appeared in 2016, and the video was about makeup and was more than a little boring with the text News in Pictures – The next attempt to pique users’ interest was a bit more lively, when Belle took a tour of her pink apartment in sexy stockings. Although the publication was met with some interest, it was far from a success.

The girl realized that without a special “thing” she would remain an ordinary blogger with a few thousand subscribers, and decided to change. Delphine has found an audience among impressionable fans of Japanese pornographic cartoons and erotic cosplay.

What kind of video does the girl make?

Belle Delphine leaked bbc video
Belle Delphine leaked bbc video

Although the beauty of Belle Delphine regularly records videos of herself, it is not easy to find something interesting online. There are only three videos on her YouTube channel, each of which copies the content – – of an age that no one but psychiatrists are interested in. In the most entertaining case, the girl played with a real but dead octopus, and in a good way.

The poor cephalopod mollusk stared out at the unfriendly world with its glued plastic eyes while Belle talked to it, bathed it, ate dinner, read a book and took a bath. In the comments on the video, there was both joy and outrage. Many of the channel’s subscribers were shocked at the disrespectful treatment of the shell’s remains and the sheer stupidity of the action itself.

As for the rest of the videos, almost all of them are available on the fully monetized Dolphin website and some other proprietary services. There you can also find exclusive photoshoots of cosplayers bordering on obscenity.

The scandal of cheated subscribers and PornHub


To get attention and, consequently, money, young Belle does not hesitate to cheat. Knowing how pimply fans expect her intimate videos, the girl threw under the n source of the article News in Pictures magazine, from which everyone copies content — is her cry. She promised that if one of her Instagram photos gets 1 million likes, she will create an account at porn resource PornHub and publish adult videos there.

With more than 4 million followers, it was easy to garner a million likes, and soon there were 2 million likes under the release. But the treacherous hottie partially kept her promise, if you read this headline, which means that someone just took this article from She set up a page on a porn site and even posted 12 videos with promising titles. However, to the anger of her fans, the videos contained some very harmless scenes.

For example, the title of the video “Belle Delphine plays with her pussy” referred exactly to playing with the cat and nothing else. The video “Belle Delphine strokes two cocks” shows a girl stroking two live cocks – text taken from News in Pictures – This is not a fraud, because in English the word cock means both male fowl and male sexual organ.

High hopes were pinned on the video “Belle Dolphin splashes on the floor”, but here, too, fans of twitching in front of the screen were disappointed – the plot was based on the fact that Kirchner was talking to a water gun.

The fans, deceived in their hopes, showered the video with rejections and even called for boycotting the blogger and complaining about her to the administrators of the popular social media. But they couldn’t do it without drooling over Dolphins, and soon silence fell.

The bath water scandal

Belle Delphine rape in the forest
Belle Delphine rape in the forest

Not much time has passed, and already salt was again sprinkled in the healed wounds of Belle’s fans. The girl announced the sale of the bath water in which text from News in Pictures – was bathed. On this occasion, a very motivational video was shot, in which Dolphin splashes in the tub, takes water with glasses and even spits in it.

The heirloom named Gamer Girl Bath Water was offered for $30, which, as you can imagine, is a ridiculous amount for so much happiness. Freaks immediately swallowed it If you read this caption, it means that someone took this item from, and you don’t even want to imagine what he did with it…. By the way, in the product description it says that the product was only for “sentimental purposes”.

Numerous videos immediately popped up on YouTube of hormone-driven young men drinking the water and even cooking food with it. One customer swears that the water is definitely from the hormone surge because it is brackish and smells slightly musty. Coming to his senses in time and probably remembering why bath water can be salty, he didn’t swallow it but spit it out.

But as always, there is a pragmatism in the family. One of the customers, who is a microbiologist by profession, conducted a DNA analysis of the water. The analysis clearly showed that the water was not only not suitable for bathing, but also not suitable for dipping the finger. This important scientific discovery has caused another uproar in the ranks of Belle’s admirers, and some have even called for anyone who kept the receipt to sue the villain.

Scandals and revelations


It would be strange if there were not rumors and gossip surrounding a person like Belle. The revelations of the most notorious cosplay model came from a reflexive fan who claimed that de Text taken from News in Pictures – vushka runs an illegal porn business. A boy posted a video on YouTube accusing Kirchner of producing pornography at home and secretly selling it to minors via the darknet.

The more than 10-minute video investigation is based on a mix of fictional and real facts from Delphine’s biography, as well as video commentary from the horny author. The video was talked about and it was forgotten – this schoolboy drivel didn’t have a bombshell effect.

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Belle dolphin past vs present
Belle dolphin past vs present
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