Mady Gio B.J. Leaked Video and Pics

Mady Gio Bj

Mădălina Ioana Filip B.J. Leaked Video and Pics

Every day has its craziness and unexpected moments… The Internet is full of them!

As soon as this video was published, it was met with great interest and went viral!

An influencer decided to dance with the app Tik Tok, which led to an unusual performance.

An unusual and daring decision that made the net go wild!

Her pseudonym on Insta is Mady Gio. Mădălina Ioana Filip is her real name!

The 25-year-old Romanian and naturalized Italian, who is followed by more than 1 million subscribers, regularly causes a stir on the net.

She’s also a pianist and model, and says she “likes dogs better than people.”

mady gio in Paris Moulin Rouge
In Paris Moulin Rouge

Mădălina is also passionate about the art of cosplay.

Cosplay, a portmanteau of the English words “costume” and “play”, is thus a hobby in which you play the role of your characters by imitating their costumes, their hair.

All this is done with the help of a wig or by making the same haircut as the character and their makeup.

A phenomenon that is on the rise in social networks.

Red Hair nude Boobs

Mădălina is, in short, an artist, and she knows how to fascinate Internet users.

Her community has experienced exponential growth in just a few months.

What excites her followers is, above all, her spontaneity and “normality”, which is far from the sophisticated photos and videos of other influencers.

She loves music, music, nature…. And she lives her life unfiltered and with a little grain of craziness that makes all the difference.

The Tik Tok video that has the net buzzing can be found here!

Click here to see her choreography to Tyler April’s hit!

Or find out how she naturally plays a famous piano melody here!

Only Fans / madygiofficial
Instagram / mady_gio


Mady Gio Bj
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