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Vanessa Sierra

Another Australian resident who has been on talk shows and also uses Onlyfans to make extra money. Subscribers pay $20 a month to view her posts. She also tries to post photos “on the verge” of eroticism, almost as much as her Instagram account. But for a fee, she’s willing to show something more through private messages.

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After quarrel: Bernard Tomic and Vanessa Sierra are still a couple

Vanessa Sierra Boobs
Vanessa Sierra

What was going on with Bernard Tomic and Vanessa Sierra? Last week, the two lovebirds caused great consternation among their community: the former Love Island contestant shared a clip that showed two destroyed laptops. In addition, her arm was covered in cuts. When Vanessa then posted a few cryptic lines, many fans were sure: the couple had split up after a heated argument. But now Vanessa finally clarifies the situation and reveals: The two have not broken up at all!


In her Instagram story, the OnlyFans celebrity now told that she had never argued so much with the tennis player before. However, she said that the two never ended their relationship, but just stopped talking to each other for a while. In the meantime, the 28-year-old had apologized to Vanessa and also paid her back the money for the destroyed laptops. “He has come to his senses, and I would also like to say that Bernard is going through a lot of personal things right now,” she said.

The Australian had even publicly asked for forgiveness from his sweetheart for his angry outburst. In his Instagram story, he recently shared a photo in which he gives Vanessa a kiss on the cheek. Below, Bernard made it clear how sorry he was for his behavior. “Please, let’s make things right. I love you,” he wrote, addressing her.

Vanessa Sierra is stuck in a hotel – and complains that she now has to wash her own hair

Vanessa Sierra has to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine with her boyfriend, tennis pro Bernard Tomic. She finds a lot of things bad about that – and complained loudly about it. Not everyone could understand that.
In many ways, 26-year-old Vanessa Sierra has done everything right in her choice of partner: Her boyfriend Bernard Tomic is a successful Australian tennis player who should have a well-filled savings account. But Tomic’s sports career, of all things, has now put the Instagram and OnlyFans star in an “awkward” situation.

Because, like many other tennis players, Tomic currently has to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine in the state of Victoria. The athletes and their teams and staff had traveled together from Doha in the plane to participate in the Australian Open – and as it turned out later, several of the passengers were Corona-postive. Now, along with Tomic, his partner is also stuck in the hotel. After a few days, she complained about how unacceptable this situation was for her – among other things, because she now has to spend eleven hours a day playing video games with her boyfriend. The food was also miserable and always too cold. And she now has to wash her own hair!


Scurrilous statement of the Instagram star
Yes, that’s right. Apparently, washing her hair before quarantine wasn’t one of the things Vanessa Sierra did herself on a regular basis. “That’s the worst part about quarantine,” Sierra says in a video clip that an Australian news magazine aired. “I have to wash my own hair. I’ve never washed my own hair, it’s just not something I do.” To this end, she opens her ponytail and strokes her long hair, which actually looks quite greasy.

The short clip immediately caused a huge reaction. At first, many made fun of how different the priorities of the pretty Instagrammer looked compared to those of the average person. This was relatively harmless, but annoyed Vanessa Sierra enough to release a statement. “I do love how those who bitch about me are referring to a comment in a vlog that was taken completely out of context. And how they have no idea that I gave tens of thousands of dollars at Christmas to those in need who needed help because of Covid.” She closes her announcement with, “You guys are really the definition of class clowns on a witch hunt.”

Vanessa Sierra receives death threats
But then the tone of the critics changed. Horrified, Vanessa Sierra wrote on Instagram, “I’m getting so many death threats because of my hair joke!” She thanked her and Tomic’s fans for the support and backing, but directed clear words to all who took her words from the video so seriously: “I didn’t realize how many idiots there are in the world!”

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