Real teacher Riley Summers becomes erotic star *Bj* Private

Teacher Riley Summers

From teacher to erotic model on Instagram: Riley Summers (23) decided to make a drastic career change due to the Corona pandemic.

Riley Summers was at the beginning of her career as a teacher, when suddenly Corona came.

A new job was needed, because who likes to volunteer to go to school during a pandemic?

Riley made the unusual decision to become an erotic model. Somehow the blatant change of job was almost foreseeable, because Riley’s sister Violet Summers, who is two years younger, knows her way around the industry pretty well by now.

Riley is also in no way inferior to her younger sister in terms of physical attributes. The hot curves of the US-American have just been waiting to be looked at by the whole world.

According to the Daily Star, she now earns a lavish 6500 euros a week from her sexy photos – a significant step up from her annual teacher’s salary of around 30,000 euros a year.

The followers were not long in coming either: Riley already has 1.2 million subscribers on her Insta channel “” – and that with “only” about 200 posts so far.

On top of that, the professional closeness to her sister is paying off: So every now and then, the two sexy Summers girls show up together in provocative poses – often, of course, half-naked in tight-fitting bikinis.

“Some doors have opened for me that I didn’t expect,” Riley says. “I’m very new to social media, but I really love it. I enjoy the ability to be sexy and fun, but still maintain some sort of barrier or boundary between my followers and me.”

Bare skin and luscious curves: Riley Summers switched from school to Instagram

The former teacher likes to show her followers all she has to offer. © Screenshot Instagram

Blowjob Teacher Riley Summers

On Instagram, Riley (r.) also likes to pose with her sexy friends, such as her sister Violet (l.). Screenshot Instagram

Riley Summers

Although Riley Summers is in a relationship, she is constantly flooded with requests from potential lovers. “I get marriage proposals all the time. For example, there’s this one guy who comments on every single photo of me with a very well-written poem. It’s sweet and makes me laugh.”

But the fact that not only poetically inclined users hang out on her page is something the attractive erotic beauty deals with very casually: “I also like the very simple comments,” says Riley. “For example, when people ask if they can butter my cookies.”

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