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Danielley Ayala (26) is one of the top rising stars on Instagram. Her trademarks: damn big boobs and a special love for dogs.

“I like dogs more than people,” reads the busty model’s Insta page.

Danielley doesn’t explain why this is so, but the attentive viewer quickly discovers a whole series of cute pictures in which the influencer shows herself to be extremely fond of animals.

Fortunately, the dogs don’t steal the show – because the male followers of the US beauty are probably much more interested in another detail.

Danielley’s giant breasts are – it’s hard to believe – so big by nature.

Not a single plastic surgery was necessary – and the attractive model is well aware of her ample bust size.

The excellently endowed beauty regularly presents herself from her best side, mainly with a particularly large neckline or a bikini that is far too small, so that her natural curves are shown off even more perfectly.

Sometimes the fans can even enjoy eroticism in a double pack: For example, Danielley shows herself in some photos together with her no less charming girlfriend Sophie Mudd (22).

Pure eroticism: This is how sexy influencer Danielley Ayala presents her plump curves on Instagram

Danielley Ayala seems to be a man’s dream come true. It’s no coincidence that the hot influencer already has more than five million Instagram followers.

By the way, the sex bomb attracted greater attention two years ago when she suddenly stripped bare on a highway (TAG24 reported). Her male fans had wished for the action – a miracle that there was no accident that day despite the concentrated load of eroticism.

Of course, the sexy 26-year-old also offers a paid OnlyFans channel for all those who can’t get enough of her anymore. We can’t wait to see what erotic pictures the busty influencer will inspire us with next.

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