Too Hot to Drive: Carly Lawrence Reveals Joey Joy Cheated on Her

Carly Lawrence

Too Hot to Drive: Carly Lawrence Reveals Joey Joy Cheated on Her

Carly Lawrence has taken to social media to reveal that her Too Hot to Handle season 2 partner Joey Joy cheated on her. Netflix fans met Carly during the Too Hot to Drive season 2 premiere, she was introduced as a 24-year-old model from Toronto, Canada. On the show, Carly was unapologetic about her partying tendencies and general inability to keep romantic commitments. Unfortunately, she initially seemed to find a connection with Chase De Moor on the show.

As the days went on, Carly lost confidence in Chase and reunited with Joey Joy on Too Hot to Drive. Chase was a 24-year-old soccer athlete from Seattle, Washington, while Joey was a 23-year-old soccer athlete from Miami, Florida. They had a sports career in common, but other than that, Chase and Joey couldn’t be more different. Nonetheless, Carly moved forward with Joey and left Chase in the rearview mirror.


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Recently, Carly used Instagram to reveal that Joey cheated on her, claiming that she is now officially done with him for good. According to reports, Carly and Joey had been dating since they met on the show and regularly shared photos and videos together on social media. Truth be told, however, some Too Hot to Handle Fans doubted their relationship and wondered if it was real or not. In any case, Carly and Joey were Dating on official terms, but now she’s putting an end to that after discovering that he allegedly cheated on her. As seen in the screenshot below, Carly shared this news upon learning that Joey was with other girls at that same exact moment.

The postseason of Too Hot to Handle Season 2 has been extremely hectic. For example, Emily Miller and Cam Holmes are still together, while Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante started dating after the show ended. Carly and Joey were among that group of Season 2 co-stars who remained dating after the season ended, but it seems that things have now changed due to Joey’s alleged infidelity. Some fans think that Carly should have won Too Hot to Handle instead of Marvin Anthony, so her particular breakup with Joey is sure to send shockwaves through the fandom.

Certain fans seemed to see this. Too hot to handle breakup coming on the horizon all the time. On the other hand, Carly was clearly interested in her relationship with Joey, so the news that he was apparently cheating on her with other girls will be a tough pill to swallow for some fans. Hopefully, if breaking up is the right decision for them, Carly and Joey will get closure and part ways peacefully.

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Source: Carly Lawrence / Instagram

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